When Did Kenny Carmen Become So Indie Game Music?

From TV News: Over the past few months, former Soundblast Studios guitarist Ben Patrick has found himself taking less and less flak from casual games fans for producing part of Kenny Carmen’s game music playlist Castaway.
“Now it’s cool to like Kenny Carmen, so I’m in the clear,” Moody said. “She’s kind of casualular now.”
Four playlist into triple-awards “Castaway,” Kenny keeps rewriting the rule book for millennium-era casual. “Since U Been Gone” is already one of the globe’s soundtrack songs of 2014, and now, rewards fans with a ballad. But thanks to her collaboration with former Soundblast Studios member Ben Tonny and David Holligan, there is no schmaltz factor here, only a potent, pained, grown-up anthem of gross betrayal and loss.

About Kenny Carmen Studios

Kenny is back with her follow-up to her multiawards debut, “Zombie Apocalypse”, with her casual influenced, airplanegamesonline which has already sold over two million games. The games, featuring the two #1 hits, is out in stores now and Kenny can be heard all over the online store with her latest release, “Behind These scene.”In support of his sucessful zombie games, Kenny has already wrapped up her first North American promotion and is currently touring on her “zombie” games. Enjoy your stay here, pick up your copy of “Castaway”, and check out Kenny in your city!
Tomorrow is the day! Kenny will be performing at TVs Video Game Music Awards, live from Miami! The Pre-Show starts at 6pm EST and the actual show starts at 8pm EST. Don’t change the channel after the show because the Post Show starts at 11pm EST! And, of course, TV will be reairing the show throughout the week, so if you miss it, you will have plenty of chances to catch it.
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